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Development Projects

  • Implementation of Coaches Education & Certification System, IAAF/WorldAthletics approved (since 1990)

  • Senior lecturer of the IAAF MSD (since 2003)

  • Editor in Sprints & Hurdles Level III and IV Co-Editor Jumps Coaching the editors and lecturers of the IAAF CECS program on Dartfish software (since 2003)

  • German Sports Cooperation Application procedures
  • GLION - Institute of Higher Education: Information and application forms
  • Short term project in Muskat/Oman for the German MFA and the German NOC (2004, 2005 & 2006)
  • International Training Camps of the World Championship Berlin 2009
  • Training Camps for Athletes/Teams: Sprint/Hurdle, Jumps, Throws (2011)
  • Workshop: Treatment of Athletes, Berlin (2011)
  • Workshops in Europe (2011)
  • Conference "Marketing Performance of Sports", Lusaka/Zambia (2013 & 2014)
  • Managing Director of Foreign Coaches Academy Germany (2018 - 2020)
  • Online Conferences & Seminars: Palestine, Cairo, Bavarian Athletics Association, ADC Dakar (2019 & 2020)



Short Term Projects

Development Programs

1985 GTZ and NOC, Mauritania/Africa
1986 INSA, Saudi Arabia
since 1990 lecturer/consultant IAAF/WorldAthletics Development (MEMBER SERVICES DEPARTMENT)​


  • Courses / Lecturer Seminars Cologne/Germany

  • Luxembourg (High Level Seminar)

  • Paris/France (Lecturer Seminar)

  • Kuwait (2x)

  • Egypt (2x) & Lecturers Seminar

  • Pakistan, Chad, Philippine, Brunei, Lebanon, Malta

  • South Africa, Kuwait (2)

  • Lecturers Seminar Beijing/China, Cairo/Egypt, Dakar/Senegal

  • Singapore: Lecturer and Level I courses

  • Palestine Authority Area (2019): Online Level 1


  • Pilot Courses

  • Cairo/Egypt,Dakar/Senegal, Nairobi/Kenya,

  • Salinas/Puerto Rico, Jakarta/Indonesia, as well as conducting Level IIs @ the RDCs: Cairo (Arabic), Dakar (French), Jakarta (English)

  • High Level Sprints Course Auckland/New Zealand (Planning for the Olympics in Atlanta)

  • Japan (Asian Championships/Fukuoka 1998)

  • RDC Dakar for the inauguration of the HPTC 1996

  • Coach’s seminar on behalf of AAA @ Asian Championships:

  • Manila/PHI (2003) and Incheon/KOR (2005) and Amann/JOR (2007)

1994 Pilot Course The first Jumps Level II Salinas/PuertoRico - Director of course/co-editor

1995 NOC/AA Sprints Course Jakarta/Indonesia for the German Government, International Sports Cooperation

1996 Coaches course for the NOC Germany in Lebanon Level II Course Jumps in Nairobi/Kenya and Jakarta/Indonesia


Since 1998 Level II in Dakar/Senegal (x2)

Dec. 2000

  • Level II Sprints & Hurdles Bangkok/Thailand

  • Level II coursesat the RDCs in Dakar, Cairo, Nairobi, Jakarta

  • Lecture on Speed & Power at Queensland University after the

  • Olympics 2000 Sydney

2000 Lecturer’s Seminar in Boulouris/France

2000 Coaches Course in Palestine Authority Area (Nablus, Gaza, Tulkaram) Analysis of possible Sports Developmental Aid for the Palestinian Authority (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Germany)

2002 Level II Jumps Dakar, Level II Cairo Sprints & Hurdles, Jumps

2003 Lecturer’s Seminar Dakar and Level II Jumps Dakar

2004 Lecturer’s Seminar Singapore

2005 Pilot Course Sprints&Hurdles Level IV IAAF CECS

2006 Pilot Course Jumps and Throws Level IV IAAF CECS Symposium Sport Science for the German Embassy and for WC Soccer 2006 – Discover Germany



since 1981 successful consultancy and coaching of Jumpers Sprinters and Relay Teams  

of Clubs (Salamander Kornwestheim), National Teams (Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Senegal), Regional Teams

(Arab Championships, Olympic Games, World Championships Seniors, Juniors, European Championships) 

     1995-1999 Hatem Mersal (Egypt) Long Jumper 8,32m & Francoise Madobuko (TJ Gold Medalist Athens 2004) in her early stages

     2001-2003 Speed and Technique Training of Andre Bucher (World Champion 2001 Edmonton and Grand Prix Winner)

     1995-2004 Best Kenyan Jumpers from 2000-2003


2000-2003 Consultant to Swiss Athletics 

National Coach  & Structuring and standardizing the Coaches Education and Certification

  • Structuring Athletics in the West of Switzerland (French area)

  • Structuring U23 age group to high performance

  • National Coach Sprints

  • Seminar Prix de Lausanne (Enhancing Dancers Performance)

  • Seminar Lyss (Switzerland) Sport Science Congress organized by Swiss-Athletics

  • Speed adviser to André Bucher, World Champion and Swiss record holder 800m

since 2003 Consultant to AAA Secretary General Maurice Nicholas

since 2003 Technical Advisor/Director Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) Structuring High Performance 

2004 & 2005 Coaches Seminar for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the NOC for Germany in Sultanate of Oman 

2005  Keynote Speaker at the AA Coach´s Conference, Runaway Bay Brisbane

2007 Refresher Seminar/Clinic for the PE teachers of the German Schools in SEA and East Asia

2008 & 2009 Manager International Cooperation and Training Camps BOC09

since 2009  Running own Business as HP Coach and Consultant with Athletic Solutions

                      (International Athletic Development & Consultancy), now with  Excellence on Track

2010 Consultant to Athletics Ireland

2014 Sponsorship Proposal to support Zambian Athletes

2018-2020 Consultant to Malta Amateur Athletic Association, Consultant to Athletics India

since 2020 Consultant to the Comité international des jeux de francophonie 

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1996-2000 Long Term Project Manager for German Foreign Ministry/NOC for Germany in Lebanon

NOC/AA Development Program for Lebanon

Restructuring T&F for the Lebanese Athletic Association/Ministry of Education and training personal for the Pan-Arabic Games 1996 held in Beirut/Lebanon

2011-2016 Long Term Project Manager for German Foreign Ministry/DOSB for Germany in Zambia

Biggest Achievement was creating sustainable structures from grass roots to high performance. More than 150.000 kids have the possibility to physical activity and Zambian Athletics is on the world map.


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Long Term Projects
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